W@CC Website Refresh

If you’ve visited the W@CC website and are reading this article right now, you may notice some visual and functional differences. I hope these features improve your experience.

Home Page

There are a few slight visual modifications to the home page. Most of these modifications are apparent if you resize your browser or migrate from desktop to mobile. That’s right, the WACC site is now much more responsive.


The most significant change to the about page is the newly adjusted layout of our exec board profiles. Now, images display on the left of the profile text and appear on top of profile text when the browser is resized.

Events and Opportunities

All events and opportunities are now readable in the form of singular posts, but browsable in a continuous feed. You can access these feeds using the “Opportunities” and “Events” pages in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Similar to the predecessor WACC website, each post preview includes a thumbnail image, metadata (date, time, location, etc.), and a brief description. Now, each preview post also includes a few tags that help to categorize and label each post. You can click on a tag to view all posts associated with a specific tag. In the future, you may see a search bar or a filter/sort option. Stay tuned.

404 Page

This is perhaps something that you as the reader may have never thought necessary, but this page became a necessity with the introduction of “search by tag” and will become even more relevant with the future implementation of a search bar or filter/sort option.


The “Events and Opportunities” section above alluded to this fact already, but posts are now visible in two formats: a preview and a full post. Both formats offer the same type of content (but in different amounts). In the full post, readers can peruse an extended description, view a larger version of the post image, or even click on the large post image to zoom in (if desired).

I hope that you enjoy these new updates. Please look forward to reading more WACC updates. Nonetheless, if you encounter any bugs, do not hesitate to contact me. kdo39 [at] gatech [dot] edu.

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