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The Scholarship Track Outreach Team strives to make education a possibility for all by providing awareness about scholarships and opportunities for every student, and constant guidance to make them accessible. 

Initiatives Include: 

  • #OpportunitySeries is a similar interview series for programs like Google STEP, FBU, exploratory programs, etc. Daily social media updates on opportunities worldwide. 
  • #TipSeries provides insider tips and expert tips on how to find scholarships, how to draft your essays, how to prepare for programs, etc 
  • #ScholarshipSeries featuring interviews of past scholars, providing insights to their experiences, application process, tips, failures, and what could’ve worked for them. Students get updated with scholarship deadlines all over the world. 
  • YouTube LIVE Q&A sessions for students to interact with past achievers and scholars from companies like Google, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, etc.
  • Mentorship to get questions answered by past scholars and program participants via Slack linked below. 
  • Workshops on Elevator pitch, Virtual Career Fair, Application essay review, Resume review, Mock interview sessions, etc.

Learn more about Scholarship Track Outreach via their social media handles below:

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