First-Gens in Tech

Every year, HubsSpot runs “First-Gens in Tech”, a virtual event. The idea is to provide educational and networking resources for those hoping to break into a role in a tech company, and primarily those who:

  • were not born in the US OR
  • have parents who were not born in the US OR
  • are the first in their family to pursue a degree OR
  • are the first in their family to enter the corporate world

HubSpot wants to build an experience for students who consider themselves “first-gens in tech”, and to do so, we want to get your opinion about the specific challenges these folx face – whether you consider yourself first-generation, or there are those in your network who do.

In order to do that, we’re looking to really incorporate your organization’s feedback to make this event as successful and relevant as possible by asking the following:

  • Take this survey if you consider yourself a first-gen individual (7 minutes tops)
  • Share this survey with others in your organization
  • Hope that you get a $50 USD Amazon gift card for your participation (raffle winners will be notified separately)!

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