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Google October Tech Panels
Date: 10/20 5-7PM
Location: Virtual

Tech+ Panel: 5-6pm RSVP! Interested in working at Google but don’t have a CS degree (or don’t plan on getting […]

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W@CC x M@CC x Google
Date: 9/24 6:30 - 8:00PM
Location: Virtual

We will be having a meeting with Google this Thursday, 9/24, from 6:30-8. Be sure to come out if you’re […]

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Google Campus Events
Date: 9/22 11AM - 4PM and 6:30PM - 8PM EDT & 9/24 6:30PM - 8PM
Location: Virtual

Interested in a Google internship? Learning more about diversity at Google? Getting your resume reviewed? Google is welcoming W@CC members […]

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Google Campus Events
Date: See Post
Location: Virtual

Interested in working at Google? Look forward to these Virtual Google Campus Events to learn more about interning at Google!

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