Women@CC provides an avenue for students to receive professional training, discuss academics, and meet other like-minded women in a primarily male-dominated field. The club provides a variety of activities, ranging from movie nights to resume workshops to the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference. Members of the organization form close bonds with other members, facilitating their involvement in the College of Computing student community.

Our Officers

Helena, Co-President
Computer Science, 4th Year

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Description of Position: As a Co-President of W@CC I organize, coordinate, and lead skill-building workshops and other student-facing events.

Interests: Photography, Making Playlists, Playing Video Games, and Bullet Journaling

Involvements: HackGT and VGDev

Parinia, Co-President
Computational Media, 5th Year

Hometown: Fayetteville, GA

Description of Position: As a Co-President of W@CC, I coordinate networking events and workshops with company partners.

Interests: Travelling, trying new foods, watching Netflix

Involvements: W@CC and RHA

Gabby, Secretary
Computer Science, 3rd Year

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Description of Position: As the Secretary of W@CC, I design and send out the weekly newsletter promoting W@CC events and additional opportunities as well as record executive meeting notes.

Interests: Yoga, basketball, sand volleyball, Spotify and especially electro house music 🎧

Involvements: Kappa Alpha Theta, intramurals

Priya, Social Media and Outreach
Computer Science, 2nd Year

Hometown: Duluth, GA

Description of Position: I work to make sure that our social media accounts stay up to date with all events, club meetings, or outside resources. I also update our club members of any news through our Slack channel.

Interests: Baking, movies, and music

Involvements: W@CC

Kimberly, Webmaster
Computer Science, 3rd Year

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Description of Position: As Webmaster of W@CC, I code, design, and maintain the W@CC website. I update the website with new resources and opportunities and document old events in the archive.

Interests: Designing graphics, running, trying new foods

Involvements: HackGT and Bits of Good